Multilayered surveillance in Israel/Palestine: Dialectics of inclusive exclusion

Ariel Handel                                                                         Hilla Dayan
Minerva Humanities Center                                             Amsterdam University College
Tel Aviv University, Israel                                                 The Nederlands                                                

The paper examines the surveillance apparatuses in Israel/Palestine as mechanisms aiming to secure support for the Israeli regime, and to preserve its domination over the entire territory in dispute. We analyze three layers of surveillance: “exclusionary surveillance” towards Palestinians; “normalizing surveillance” towards Jewish-Israeli citizens; and finally, “globalizing surveillance” using Zionist constituencies as agents for building a “domain of defense” for Israel in their own countries. Taking into consideration these power and surveillance dispositives, we draw insights on the global authoritarian turn and suggest a post- Foucauldian transnational approach to the study of the relations between surveillance, socialization, and subjectification processes.